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DeepCode joined forces with Snyk. Snyk Code offers semantic scanning and new capabilities beyond DeepCode. On top, you get Snyk Open Source, Snyk Container and Snyk IaC in one platform.

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DeepCode’s semantic code analysis immediately alerts you of API, performance, resource leaks and security bugs using its knowledge base of all known bugs

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Superior AI Code Review

DeepCode’s technology is rooted in 12+ years in award-winning research in program analysis and learning from BigCode.

Find more critical issues and security vulnerabilities

Semantic Analysis unveils coding issues where the developer’s intent and syntax differ. This includes but goes beyond typical security and performance flaws.

Get results immediately

Semantic code analysis is lightning fast even on code-bases with millions of lines of code. You can use it in real-time as an extension in your IDE or directly in your Git workflow.

Benefit from a self-growing knowledge base

Instead of individual "rules" created by experts, DeepCode learns from millions of open-source commits. This creates a constantly evolving base of all discovered bugs.

Learn from example fixes of real commits

We use AI to present logical conclusions in the DeepCode engine. What it means for you: We not only show you what is logically wrong, but also how others have fixed the same problem.
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Analyze your code even before committing within your IDE

Source code control

Get all your commits and pull requests automatically analyzed and commented on

CI/CD pipeline

Don't let bugs and security vulnerabilities go into production

Code review

Analyze any branch and inspect DeepCode's analysis results in your web browser

What our users say about us.

Lucas L.

Lucas L.

I'm really crazy about this super simple service that feels like it's from 5 years in the future

Prayag S.

Prayag S.

As an intermediate level developer, DeepCode introduces me to various coding practices unknown to me beforehand.

Jason Gauci

Jason Gauci


My favorite part of hosting the show is hearing about so many awesome programming tools and resources, often when they are just starting out. DeepCode is one of these amazing resources.

Samuel Scott

Samuel Scott

I've rated DeepCode highly because I found it extremely useful in maintaining my code quality. Having AI/ML code review to help follow coding best practices is a great feature to include in my CI/CD pipeline.Standard static linting is great and all, but having recommendations based on scanning many other repositories that DeepCode reviews gives me even greater confidence that my code is secure and well written. Also, integration into my Github repos was easy and the VS Code extension is great for real-time issue scanning.

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Articles about DeepCode

"The advice this tool gives is also surprisingly precise. Because it can build its own recommendations based on large amounts of code it finds things humans might miss."


"Likened to a spell checker for developers, DeepCode’s cloud service reviews code and provides alerts about critical vulnerabilities, with the intent of stopping security bugs from making it into production. The goal is to enable safer, cleaner code and deliver it faster."


"Developers also have access to tools that use AI to create more efficient code reviews to speed up the SDLC. For example, DeepCode shows errors in code based on troves of similar scenarios that occured before, and then provides context on how to fix them."


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