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DeepCode alerts you about critical vulnerabilities you need to solve in your code. Don't let security bugs go to production. Save time finding and fixing them.



commits analyzed

Security issues and vulnerabilities that no other tool can find.



Our ML algorithms detect your code's intent, not just syntax mistakes.


more critical issues

We notify you of critical bugs when you commit, and sum it up weekly.


configuration required

We offer you suggestions from similar commits in open source repos.

DeepCode AI

Automated AI Code Review

Our bot reviews your every code commit and will immediately let you know of critical vulnerabilities and suggest how to fix them.

A higher standard
for Software Audit

DeepCode finds critical vulnerabilities that other automated code reviews don't, such as Cross-Site Scripting, Path Traversal or SQL injection.

Continuous learning

We train our machine learning algorithms on thousands of high-quality open source repos and millions of commits, and it learns from new bug fixes every day. We currently support Java, Python, JavaScript and TypeScript.

You are not seeing your language? Drop us a line on which language should be next!

DeepCode Cloud

For any repository stored on GitHub or Bitbucket, you can analyze them using our cloud service.


DeepCode integrates with on-premise code hosting platforms such as BitBucket Server or GitLab. DeepCode provides a docker container to achieve the integration which makes the setup very simple.

What our users say about us.

"I was looking to see what errors it would find, and what suggestions it might offer for them. I was impressed with the results and plan to continue using DeepCode going forward."
"As an intermediate level developer, DeepCode introduces me to various coding practices unknown to me beforehand."
"I am going to DeepCode to really fine-tune my coding knowledge."

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