The DeepCode team has extensive research and development experience in artificial intelligence and programming systems.

Veselin Raychev

Co-Founder, CTO Dr. Veselin Raychev obtained his PhD from ETH Zurich in 2016 in the area of machine learning for programs. His doctoral dissertation on this topic was honored by the ACM as one of the best three dissertations in computer science worldwide in 2016. Prior to his PhD, Veselin worked for five years as a software engineer at Google.

Martin Vechev

Co-Founder, Advisor Dr. Martin Vechev is a Professor at the Department of Computer Science, ETH Zurich, where he leads a research lab working at the intersection of artificial intelligence and programming languages. Previously, he was a Research Staff Member at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. He obtained his PhD from Cambridge University.

Benjamin Mularczyk

Platform Engineer Benjamin Mularczyk is a passionate full stack software engineer. He received his MSc from ETH Zurich and is interested in software design, deep learning and program analysis.

Boris Paskalev

Co-Founder, CEO Boris Paskalev has more than 15 years industry experience in growing technology start-ups to above $1Bn, business/product development, R&D, global team management and lean operations. He has an executive MBA from TRIUM as well as MSc and BSc from MIT.

Jan Eberhardt

Software Engineer ETH MSc thesis student developing his thesis in collaboration with DeepCode. Jan's research is aligned with DeepCode’s platform vision of creating a state-of-the-art program analyzer.

Victor Chibotaru

Software Engineer ETH MSc thesis student developing his thesis in collaboration with DeepCode. Victor's research is focused on finding security vulnerabilities in source code. Victor holds multiple awards from international cyber security competitions.

Samuel Schmid

Software Engineer ETH MSc thesis student developing his thesis in collaboration with DeepCode. Samuel's research is focused on expanding DeepCode’s platform capabilities to new languages.

Tobias Verhulst

Full Stack Engeneer Tobias is passionate about solving real-life problems. As an ETH MSc student, his research is focusing on using code-transformations over BigCode for training neural-network and yielding novel bugs/code-classifiers.

Velko Vechev

UX Research and Design Consultant Velko Vechev has 10 years of industry experience creating and building interfaces. He has a MSc in Interaction Design from Chalmers University and is interested in AI-Human interaction.

Board Members and Advisors

Dr. Thomas Hofmann

ETH Professor focusing on machine intelligence and automated decision making. Extensive research, industry & startups experience: Turning academic research into innovation. Former: Google, Brown Uni & MIT.

Chris Savvopoulos

Engineering expert and consultant with strong software development, entrepreneurial and venture capital experience. Focus on B2B, AI and software.

Florian Schweitzer

Licensed finance and management expert with extensive experience in early stage start-ups and the venture capital landscape. Florian was one of the co-founders of btov in the year 2000.


A European venture capital firm, managing institutional funds, partner funds and offering direct investment opportunities to private investors.
Since the 1990s, ETH Zurich has been supporting the foundation of companies based on its research achievements. The objective is to turn such research results into marketable products and to create qualified jobs.
ICE is an inter-disciplinary and inter-department R&D Center at ETH Zurich. The mission of ICE is to facilitate research-industrial interaction in the areas of AI, blockchain, security, and networks.

Join the team

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