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Deploy in the most secure environment

Easily set up our self-hosted product to integrate DeepCode into your development workflow

Our on-premises version (“DeepCode Server”) allows you to self-host DeepCode behind your firewall without the need of an internet connection.

Why use DeepCode’s self-hosted option?

  • Fully self-hosted Docker container (no internet connection required)
  • Option to train DeepCode on your private code (extract/define issues that are specific to your projects)
  • All integrations and features of the cloud model included
  • Regular model updates
  • Priority support & Unlimited users
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We support your favorite languages:
  • Java
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • C/C++ (beta)
  • C# (beta)
  • PHP (beta)


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Boost your business by integrating DeepCode

Big code-bases

Our semantic analysis is specially designed for real-time handling of the largest code-bases: millions of lines of code.

Easy to use

Easily integrate DeepCode in your team’s workflow. Use DeepCode in real-time as an IDE extension, on pull requests & commits, through our CLI or during an code review on our website application.


Increase your developers’ efficiency while finding complex code issues and eliminating time wasted on false positives.

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DeepCode finds the bugs and critical vulnerabilities you need to resolve in your code