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Find bugs when and where you need it most

Prevent bugs from ever making it into production by integrating DeepCode’s code review seamlessly into your workflow. Whether you use static code analysis in the cloud or behind your firewall, you can free up more of your time and increase code quality with just a few clicks

  • Find bugs in your IDE with DeepCode


    Find bugs in your IDE before commiting

  • DeepCode’s pull request analysis

    Code Review

    Get your pull requests automatically reviewed or scan all your repos for issues in your browser

  • Integrate DeepCode into your CI/CD pipeline

    CI/CD pipeline

    Customize code review to your needs with just a few lines of code

Catch bugs directly in your IDE

Find bugs in your code before you commit with the DeepCode plugin for your IDE (integrated development environment). The IDE extension will automatically alert you about issues you need to solve the moment when you hit SAVE.

Detect and get explanations of bugs anywhere in your workflow with DeepCode's no-setup integrations.

Get your pull requests automatically reviewed before merge

DeepCode automatically decorates pull requests with code review results in your SCM provider’s interface. As a reviewer, you get notified when changes introduce new bugs into the code and where to look at. Easily customize when and how you would like to get alerted to fit your needs. We support GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket.

Improve code quality in your browser

Have to get into a large chunk of legacy code? Scan all your repositories for issues conveniently in your web browser and get analysis results within a few seconds. Learn which bugs are critical and see examples of how the open-source community fixed the same problem in a different context.

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Customize DeepCode’s code review anywhere in your CI/CD pipeline

Improve your code quality by integrating code review in any step of your development cycle or building any custom extensions and integrations to IDS, Ticketing, Automation, CI/DC pipelines etc. with DeepCode’s CLI and Rest API. Examples include integrations for AWS or CircleCI Orb.

Find bugs in the cloud or behind your firewall


Find bugs and free up your time with just a few clicks. Improve your code quality by linking your GitHub, BitBucket or GitLab account.

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