DeepCode service ends September, 1st 2021. Migrate to Snyk Code.

Migrate to Snyk Code

Tuesday, June 1st, 2021


Snyk has just announced that Snyk Code will be part of Snyk’s free plan for any developer. To get started, you just have to sign up with your GitHub, GitLab, or similar version management system account - no credit card needed.

As you know, Snyk Code is powered by DeepCode’s engine. Besides using the fast and accurate engine, Snyk Code also offers developer-friendly capabilities beyond DeepCode:

  • IDE plugins and extensions,
  • visualization of dataflow trees,
  • curated content on the issue,
  • fixing examples,
  • Interfile analysis,
  • and much more…

Additionally signing up for Snyk gives not only access to Snyk Code. It provides the full Snyk platform - a holistic security solution for DevOps.

Since you can find everything that DeepCode offered and more in Snyk Code, we decided to stop new sign-ups for the DeepCode engine. Rather we forward you to Snyk to sign up and experience the even better services there. For existing users, we will maintain the DeepCode service running until the end of Q3 2021.

The process is as easy as it was with DeepCode and hundreds of thousands of developers are already trusting Snyk. It is free and needs no credit card. Give it a try :-)

By the way (and thanks for asking): The DeepCode team landed in Snyk and is the core of Snyk’s Zurich office. One part of the DeepCode developer team continues to work on the front end. The majority though built a new team within Snyk that focused on research and development in AI for code analysis. There is lots more to come in this area. Stay tuned.

See you on the Snyk platform!

The DeepCode team.


What is Snyk?

Snyk provides a platform addressing the security needs of DevOps. Snyk Open Source helps you secure your dependencies within open source libraries. Built on our industry-leading Vulnerability Database, it helps to identify and fix issues in dependencies — even in transient dependencies. Snyk Container helps you identify and remedy issues inherent to the container images used in the application. Snyk Infrastructure as Code scans and points out security issues in the configuration of cloud infrastructure. Finally, Snyk Code - which bases on the DeepCode engine - provides an AI-driven static code analysis that is fast, accurate, and developer-friendly.

What is Snyk Code?

Snyk Code is an element of the Snyk platform and based on DeepCode’s engine. It is a semantic static application security testing (SAST) solution. Snyk Code is unique as it provides a powerful static analysis engine that is extremely fast and accurate plus it has a developer-friendly interface on the web and right in your IDE. You can get started by signing up for Snyk for free - no credit card required.

What is DeepCode?

DeepCode was a Swiss-based static code analysis startup. DeepCode’s technology is rooted in over a decade of research done by the federal technical university (ETH) and provides a leading-edge scanning engine. The AI-powered engine uses a human-guided machine learning algorithm to achieve unparalleled accuracy. This is possible due to the scanning speed. In 2020, DeepCode announced to join forces with Snyk - a leader in the field of DevOps security. DeepCode’s technology forms the base of Snyk Code. You can get started with Snyk Code by signing up to Snyk for free.

I am interested in DeepCode. How to get it?

Snyk Code is powered by DeepCode’s engine. You can get started with Snyk Code by signing up to Snyk for free.

I am already using DeepCode. What happens now?

We will continue to run the DeepCode servers but will prepare to switch them off at the end of the third quarter this year 2021. We ask all our users to migrate within the upcoming weeks. Migration is very easy. Just sign up for Snyk for free and import your projects as you are used to doing in DeepCode. You can also use the IDE extensions provided by Snyk.

I am already using a DeepCode JetBrains / VS Code plugin. What happens now?

You can start right away using the respective plugins:

The team prepares an update (the last version) of the DeepCode plugins, so if you miss this update we will remind you within the plugins as well about the sunsetting of DeepCode’s services.

I am migrating from DeepCode. What happens to my data and account?

DeepCode does not retain any source code from its users. The scan results will be stored though. DeepCode uses the version management service - GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket - to provide user authentication and therefore has no personally identifiable information (PII) additionally to the above-mentioned account. DeepCode will purge all existing account-related data when the servers get switched off later this year.