Martin Vechev

Martin is a professor of Computer science at ETH Zurich, Switzerland where he leads the Software Reliability Lab (SRL). Several precursors to DeepCode, including the popular JSNice and DeGuard systems, were developed at the SRL. Prior to ETH, Martin was a Research Staff Member at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in New York. He earned his PhD from Cambridge University, England.

Over the last decade, Martin has worked and developed new automated techniques for making software more reliable, secure and efficient. His work has won many awards, both research and industry wise. He has published extensively and refereed for many top conferences and has been an invited and a keynote speaker at various premier venues.

Veselin Raychev

Veselin obtained his PhD in computer science at ETH Zurich working in the area of machine learning and programming languages, where he published many scientific papers on the topic and developed several systems based on these, among these, being the popular JSNice system.

Veselin is interested in various machine learning topics, program analysis and algorithms. Prior to ETH, Veselin was a Tech Lead at Google where he worked on Data Storage Infrastructure and Google Maps.